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Briefing templates



Manuscript and storyboard template

A good script is alpha and omega for producing a good film. Here you can see how Make Sense makes scripts and storyboards as well as our template

Any production at Make Sense starts with a meeting, followed up by the writing of the script and making the storyboard.

This is where our extensive experience as journalists and video producers in handy, as we often can get your wishes and ideas to fit into the formula of the good visual story.

Our extensive experience means that you know what to expect of your script or storyboard – every time.

You can read about the introduction meeting before the video production here, if you skipped that part.

What’s a script?

In short, a script is an overview of all the lines and descriptions of the scenes. It can variate a lot in the amount of details, e.g. for conferences or in a VNR you never know the outer circumstances for the event. Weather changes, if someone is sick or the participants lengh of the answers can change the scenery and length of the event.

Commercials and studio productions is easier to plan and can have a very detailed script, because you can control the circumstances.

What’s a storyboard?

A storyboard is an illustration of the visual material that a director and / or cameraman will make before producing the film.

Where the script is telling the pictures in words, a storyboard is a visual representation of what the finished film should look like.

In Make Sense we rarely choose to make a storyboard. We have chosen this, since many of our journalistic productions can be hampered by “locked pictures”, and often we are offered better pictures when we go around and scout the location. The storyboard is therefore most often used for commercials or more extensive films that e.g., require drone shots.

The script template at Make Sense

When you receive a script from Make Sense there is a lot of experience and development behind it. And through the years we have learned that it’s not excessive or meticulous planning that gives you the best film.

Often it makes more sense to describe the story in main points and then let the competent cameramen, video journalists or producers make the best decisions on the spot.

Our script template is built as a table where the customer or client can see: the picture side, sound picture and notes. We incorporate all your wishes and ideas, if you e.g., have a picture you would like to have in the movie – it could be a logo or a jingle, which is a must have in the film.

Speak or natural sound

In a lot of scripts from Make Sense we shift between speak and natural sound, which means the sound recorded on the spot from the camera microphone and microports are combined with the speak which describes the content of the pictures. We have the possibilities to make professional speak at Make Sense since we have all the equipment and experienced speakers at hand.

This gives us a big playground to modulate pictures and sound for commercials, image films and video press releases or conference films.

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See the rest of the process 5 simplesteps

Intro meeting

What do you need? We meet informally over a cup of coffee.

Script draft

We will deliver a draft of the script based on your wishes and ideas.


When the script has been approved, we choose the team for the assignment.


In the editing  process we will adjust the colors and sound mix.

The final film

We deliver a final version of the film and any subtitles.

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