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Campaign video – B&O A1


Exclusivity, purity of style and quality are three of the things that B&O is associated with. Therefore it’s an absolute requirement for B&O that all their material has the same vibe as the one they are associated with. For that reason, they went to Make Sense.


To match B&O’s world-konwed reputation, all the images in this video are specially produced to visualize tranquility and quality. All images are allowed to last longer than usual, so the eye can sense the detailed surroundings that are in the workshop as well as on the product. Since B&O produces quality speakers, the sound design in this video is produced to be able to provide a complete experience in itself, if you hear it on one of their own surround sound systems.


The video has been used as part of the campaign that has followed Beoplays A1 to the international market.

At Make Sense, we are proud of the product, which connects video and audio to perfection, and shows that you can also create eye-catching quality in a quite subtle way.

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